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In episode two of the Idea & Ideas for Magicians podcast I ask; “Do You Imagine in Magic?” Particularly, does your performing character consider in magic? It’s essential to know the reply! Whenever you current a magical impact, what is definitely inflicting the magic to occur? What magic powers do you’ve gotten? What’s the supply of those powers?

I encourage you to hear and ponder on these questions.

On this publish I’d like to focus on one thought from the episode. Partly as a result of it’s my very own unique mind-set about this, and partly as a result of it advantages from a visible assist, unavailable in audio kind.

The Spectrum of Magicality infographic
The place do you discover your character on the Spectrum of Magicality?

The Spectrum of Magicality

This can be a measurement of your (character’s) perception in magic. I determine 5 specific spots alongside the way in which, however your individual character could also be a mixture of two.

WIZARD – Resolute of their perception of magic, has full management over the supernatural. Words Used: Command, summon, conjure.

MYSTIC – Linked with a supernatural power, however not in command of it. They possess some particular means to faucet into this power and have it work by way of them. Phrases Used: Energy, affect, instinct, phenomena.

AGNOSTIC – Sitting on the fence, expressing no opinion both method. That is dramatically uninteresting. Phrases Used: [shrug]

SCIENTIST – Observes the wonders of the universe and tries to make sense of it. Could not have a proof for all mysteries, however believes there’s a rational reply. Phrases Used: Experiment, atoms, psychology.

JUGGLER – Wonderful feats are the results of handbook dexterity. In full management of their talent. Phrases Used: Talent, follow, demonstration, stunt.

(I’m going into somewhat extra element on these sorts within the podcast.)

Two large takeaways (for me)

The vast majority of magicians are Agnostics solely as a result of they haven’t made a selection. They only haven’t thought of it. In efficiency they in all probability bounce far and wide, being a wizard for one trick, and a juggler for the following, or specific no viewpoint in any respect. It’s both complicated or boring! I encourage you get off the fence and choose a spot.

Very similar to actual life, your beliefs stay comparatively constant. Perhaps not static, however inside a restricted vary. Your performing character’s beliefs needs to be constant. It will not make sense for a Wizard (pure magic) to current a playing demonstration (pure talent.) That mentioned, with somewhat creativity, any magic trick will be tailored to fit your beliefs. When a coin vanishes, a mystic calls it magic, and a scientist calls it a quantum dislocation.



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